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Demystifying the production process of handmade high heels

"Heels go with everything." (High heels are fashionable all-match) This is the original words of Dior founder Christian Dior.

I have to admit that a pair of elegant high heels is very important to a fashionable woman. This master has already grasped the psychology of women decades ago. Their resistance to bags and shoes is almost equal. 0. This is also the reason why high heels have been popular for a long time.

So, how did a pair of elegant handmade high heels come out? Let's find out together.

First, you need to draw the design draft of the shoe,

Extraordinary, that is, design the template of the shoes, and strictly polish them to ensure that there is no difference.

Cutting material, that is, selecting leather material

The main choice is satin lambskin,

And pearl calfskin.

Selected materials, carefully crafted

In order to have top quality assurance.


Spiked heel

After packaging, a pair of elegant high heels appeared in the gift box.

Such a pair of shoes is no longer a simple pair of shoes. It integrates not only the pursuit of quality, but also the spirit and experience of those old craftsmen. The understanding of leather shoes for a hundred years is hammered on the shoes. In the heel, every step under the foot contains the weight of time. The so-called ingenuity is nothing more than that.

And in China, there is also such a company that sticks to its quality, consistent for ten years, just to make the best products.

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