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What principles should be followed in the brand design of the women's shoe industry?

Brand design is now very important for the development of a brand. If a company wants to have a better market performance, then it is absolutely inseparable from brand design. A good brand design can leave a deep impression on consumers. Conversely, if the design is not satisfactory, it will have a negative effect. Let's take a look at the principles that need to be followed.

1. Have obvious characteristics

First of all, it must be very clear to show the unique nature of the brand, so as to better differentiate it from its competitors. In order to allow customers to find your products in various women's shoe brands, you need to follow individual characteristics when designing a trademark.

2. Try to be simple and easy to remember

Some researchers have found that the information received by humans basically comes from the visual system, reaching more than 83%. So if you want your brand to have a profound impact on consumers' minds, you must pay great attention to being visually eye-catching when designing, so that consumers can have a very deep memory after seeing it once.

3. Be creative and attractive enough

When designing, you also need to pay attention to the unique idea and beautiful appearance as much as possible, not only to have its own characteristics, but also to be very different from competitors’ brands, which can reflect the company’s products and The difference.

4. Constituent elements

When designing, some words and patterns are generally used. For example, there will be more animals or some cartoon image design elements. It sounds like there is nothing wrong with it, but some images may violate the law. Especially for women's shoes brands that do export, they have different meanings to animals in different countries or different ethnic groups. Because the company covers a wide range of consumer groups, it is necessary to fully consider the consumer feelings of the sales area and respect the cultures of different countries and nationalities.

5. The name and brand logo should be coordinated as much as possible

If women's shoe brand design can achieve this, then it will be able to make consumers have a deeper memory of the brand.

From the above content, we know that women's shoe brand design does not mean that you can just find a design company. Brand design is not a castle in the air. It is based on the actual situation of the company, and then designed according to the brand positioning and brand image. Only in this way can it be recognized by consumers and it can be called a successful brand design.


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