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Visiting Chengdu shoes leader in the shoe industry

Chengdu Full Search News Network (Reporter Fu Xiaotong) reported on December 11 that the shoe industry in Chengdu has always been a characteristic and advantageous industry in Sichuan Province. 80% of the leather companies gather in Chengdu, and most of them are located in the Wuhou New City area, which is the Chinese women. The City of Shoes (hereinafter referred to as the City of Shoes).

It has created a dazzling number of annual output of more than 100 million pairs of leather shoes, annual output value of more than 10 billion yuan, and products sold to more than 120 countries and regions in the world. However, with the Internet tide and the adjustment of industrial layout, are shoes somewhat "OUT"? How does it deal with opportunities and challenges?

China's Women's Shoes Capital

Chengdu shoe leather manufacturers relocated, leaving only a display window

It is understood that with the readjustment of Chengdu's industrial layout, shoe factories in the city have expanded abroad, looking for new production bases, such as Anyue, Lezhi and other production areas. The number of employees in this city has decreased from 300,000 in 2005 to around 100,000, and the city's shoe companies only retain windows for sales, design, and display.

The China Women's Shoe Capital Park covers three shoe leather business locations, Wuhou Direct Shoe City, Wuhou Leather City, and Fashion Center. More than 500 shoe companies have settled in. As a regional leader, he is responsible for leading shoe companies to seek new development. The mission is to create a female pan-fashion, a multi-functional industrial service innovation platform integrating footwear wholesale and retail trade, footwear e-commerce supply chain, footwear live broadcast industry base, and chain platform.

Give full play to the advantages of the platform to build a live broadcast base

Wuhou Direct Shoe City has access to online resources such as Douyin, Mogujie, Volcano, Taobao live broadcast, and has created the first professional live broadcast base for footwear in Chengdu-the "China Women's Shoe Capital Live Broadcast Base". Mainly with cost-effective factory direct supply and quality direct sales as the core themes, it leads the current 164 merchants in the park to jointly explore innovative marketing methods. The current cooperative shoe companies include Lushang, Fgirl, Ahma, Ahmao, Augustus, Slimanti, Motto, etc. The live broadcast room changed the traditional offline waiting for customers to buy mode to actively look for customers online, and after big data analysis, the products were actively recommended to interested customers. The 6 live broadcast rooms were tested for only 6 days, and the sales volume exceeded 5,000. pair.

China Women's Shoes City Live Broadcast Base

Real shot on December 7, 2019

Expanding the clothing industry, Kowloon Plaza (Shoes Store) is about to be completed

On November 29, 2019, China’s women’s shoe capital officially signed a cooperation agreement with the "Nine-Dragon Plaza", known as the first city of clothing in the west. The plan is to be located in the fashion center of the original shoe city, forming a complementary business format with the shoe city, and creating a female pan-fashion industrial park.

Kowloon signing ceremony

Enriching activities to attract customers for the benefit of merchants and consumers

The "China Women's Shoe Capital Expo" has been successfully held for thirteen times, and the "Wuhou Direct Shoe City Shoe Storm" event has been held for the tenth session. The "China Women's Shoe Capital Factory Ordering Festival, Direct Purchasing Festival" and other activities are also Held regularly, the "China Women's Shoe Capital Expo" has become a sub-venue of the Western China International Expo several times, and has played an active role in promoting industrial structure adjustment, industry upgrading, regional brand development and many other aspects. The park uses festivals as the medium to not only help businesses attract customers, but also provide consumers with tangible benefits. Especially on New Year's Day every year, there is a rush for 8 hours, which is the peak period of passenger flow, and the flow of people is increasing year by year. It is understood. On New Year's Day 2019, the passenger flow in a single day exceeded 80,000 for the first time.

China's women's shoe capital, pretty shoe storm

Real shot on January 1, 2019

Develop self-operated chains and multi-channel integrated operations

The shoe capital Yuncang is a direct supply platform of "good source goods" created by China's women's shoe capital. The Yuncang model relies on the large industrial platform of the capital of women's shoes to optimize the supply chain ecology and create a source of super cost-effective goods. Cooperate with centralized warehousing, drop shipping, and multi-channel operation integration mode, with "first-hand supply, ultra-low prices, professional buyers, supply guarantee" as its core competitiveness, it will create a small wholesaler for ordinary consumers and empowered purchasing agents. And a professional wholesale platform for e-commerce groups. The current specific business is: on-site retail, small and medium-sized bulk batches, and e-commerce supply and delivery.

The Secretary-General of the Sichuan Footwear Association told reporters that in the face of many opportunities and challenges, Sichuan shoe companies will unite and cooperate, complement each other's advantages, and work together to strictly control quality with international standards, and promote the integrated development of Sichuan's footwear industry and emerging e-commerce. , To help the "transformation and upgrading of China's women's shoe capital" to achieve the second take-off of Sichuan's footwear industry


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