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In the Internet era, how can Chengdu women's shoes break through?

The emerging consumption model represented by the Internet has profoundly changed people's consumption habits and changed the direction of industry development. At the opening ceremony of the 2015 10th China Women's Shoe Capital Expo held on October 30th, representatives from Chengdu shoe companies and industry professionals discussed how Chengdu women's shoes can break through development and achieve transformation and upgrading in the era of "Internet +" , Conducted an in-depth discussion.

   It is reported that since its first establishment in 2006, the China Women's Shoe Capital Expo has played an active role in many aspects such as industrial restructuring, industry upgrades, and regional brand development in China's Women's Shoe Capital. The rapid development of the shoe industry in Chengdu has enabled China's women's shoe capital to form a pillar industry with traditional characteristics based on a regional business center, which has been highly recognized by the market.

In the tide of "Internet +", how can Chengdu women's shoes enhance the brand value and product influence, and continuously enhance the value and status of the regional trade center? "In the future, products will develop in two directions. On the one hand, they tend to be popular and cost-effective. The other aspect is facing the niche, reflecting the small and beautiful, paying more attention to characteristics, and being more high-end." Xiao Long, a representative from the corporate world, said that under the "Internet +" thinking, only build your own core team and through continuous innovation, Only by establishing a brand image can the transformation and development of the industry be realized. And Tan Lina, senior account manager of Alibaba International Business Department, said, “As my country’s consumption upgrades, future product orders will show a fragmented and high-end orientation. If they fail to follow this trend, they will be eliminated.” She also said, Relying on the foreign trade platform, realizing full network coverage, and actively going global, can Chengdu women's shoes undergo qualitative changes and promote the upgrading of Chengdu's women's shoes industry.

The reporter also learned that this Expo will use Wuhou Direct Shoe City and Wuhou Leather City as important carriers to fully explore the China Women’s Shoe Capital Industrial Park as a "Key Construction Project in Sichuan Province" and a "Key Industrial Base Project in Western China" The potential to further deepen the influence and popularity of the China Women’s Shoe Capital Park as a regional business center.


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